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Dave Kaio

Dave Kaio

Standing for Kaipātiki Local Board 

I have lived on the North Shore for 36 years and 12 years in Kaipātiki. I believe that Kaipatiki is a wonderful place to live, work and play, and I will focus on being part of a Local Board that creates positive change for our area.

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My Story

My family are from the Hokianga in the far north. I am a son, brother, a father, a husband, an uncle, a friend, and proudly, a grandfather.

I have lived on the North Shore for 36 years and I have lived in the community of Kaipātiki for 12 years. My children attended primary and Intermediate school in Devonport, and secondary schools Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o te Rakipaewhenua, Takapuna Grammar, Westlake Boys, Glenfield College, and Birkenhead College.

My background is 25 years in the Royal New Zealand Navy, and I now apply the leadership, strategic planning and engagement skills I learned to support children and young people in care. My current employment is Contract and Funding Manager for Oranga Tamariki. I plan, source and manage the commissioning and procurement of services that support families, babies, children and young people that live in Auckland.

I work alongside a range of non-government organisations to deliver support and services across the Auckland city. I also engage with several government agencies on a daily basis – Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Maori Development), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice, Police, Ministry of Urban Development and Auckland Council.

I am a member of the New Zealand Maori Council, and I engage with mana whenua, iwi, hapu, marae and matawaka.

Kaipātiki is a wonderful place to live, work and play and I want to be part of a Local Board that
continues to improve what we love about this community. Kaipātiki offers a lot to our community including heritage sites, a wide range of amenities, wonderful areas of bush, reserves and walk-ways, parks and sports fields, arts and culture and our community has a diverse population.

As a representative on our Local Board, I will represent the views of our community and ensure that Local Board plans and actions reflect our communities aspirations. A requirement of the Local Board is to lead, is to be an exemplary example, is to listen, is to learn and to serve our community to the very best of our ability.

I served our country for 25 years, and I will serve our community with an equal diligence.
A vote for me is a vote for family.
A vote for me is a vote for community.
A vote for us, is a vote for a team of people who will be #workingforkaipātiki


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